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What To Expect During Your Dog Wellness Exam

Regular wellness exams are an important part of your pet’s health care. These nose-to-tail checkups can help your dog live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Here’s what to expect during your next dog wellness exam!


The Importance of Wellness Exams


“My dog seems healthy, do I really need an annual wellness exam?” 


It’s a question we hear all the time. The short answer: yes. These wellness exams are designed to keep healthy pets healthy. An annual dog wellness exam gives your pet’s veterinarian the opportunity to administer vaccines, recommend diagnostics, and catch any emerging health concerns.


It’s also a chance for you to connect with your pet’s veterinary care team and address any questions or concerns you have regarding your pet’s health. 


Finally, in order to prescribe medications—including flea and tick preventatives—we’re legally required to examine your pet at least once a year. 


Dog Wellness Exam: Start to Finish


At Pine Point Animal Hospital, we’re committed to low-stress veterinary care. By knowing what to expect, you can take the guesswork out of your dog’s next vet visit, which reduces stress for everybody. 


Before your exam, we recommend writing down any questions you have about your pup’s health. We’ll also want to know what food they eat, any treats they get, and the name, dose, and frequency of any medications they take. 


Checking in for your dog wellness exam


When you and your dog first arrive, our front desk will greet you and get you checked in! We do ask that dogs be leashed or, for small dogs, kept in a carrier. This helps keep both your dog and our other patients safe. We know reception can be a high traffic area, which might be overstimulating for some dogs. Once you’re checked in, we’ll work to get you and your dog into an exam room as quickly as possible. 


During your exam


We’ll start by reviewing your pet’s medical history, including their diet, medications, exercise, lifestyle, and general health. We’ll also check with you so that we can address any questions or concerns you might have. 


Once we have a complete history, the veterinarian will complete a comprehensive physical exam. This hands-on time with your pet gives us invaluable information about your dog’s health! We’ll check their ears, eyes, and mouth, examine their coat and musculature, and listen to the heart and lungs to make sure they’re functioning normally. After the physical exam, we’ll administer any recommended vaccines to keep your pup up-to-date and protected. 


Based on your dog’s age, breed, and any health conditions, we may also recommend routine lab work. Typical annual labs include fecal testing to check for intestinal parasites, heartworm testing, and blood tests that provide information about your dog’s internal organ function. 


If you have an older pet or a pet with a chronic health condition, your veterinarian may recommend additional diagnostics. This might include x-rays or specialized lab work. Additional diagnostic testing for senior pets can provide us with more detailed information about their internal health and overall wellbeing.


After your dog wellness exam


After the exam, we’ll send you home with any recommended medications, including flea and tick preventatives. We’ll also follow up in the next few days to discuss your dog’s lab results and next steps, if needed. And that’s it! Barring any other health concerns, your dog will be set until their next annual exam. 


Call to Schedule Your Dog Wellness Exam


At Pine Point Animal Hospital, we’re committed to providing exceptional veterinary care to pups at every stage of life. Whether you bring them in as a new puppy, a sugar-faced senior, or anything in between, we look forward to building a lifetime connection with your dog. We’re currently accepting new patients and can’t wait to meet you and your dog!


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