Surgical Procedures

You can trust the skilled pet surgery specialists at Pine Point Animal Hospital for everything from routine to advanced surgical procedures. Our skilled surgical team is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge techniques. We’re committed to providing safe and effective surgical care and recovery for your furry companions. Our modern pet surgery facilities and equipment ensure the highest standards of care. Advanced surgical suites are equipped with the latest monitoring systems, anesthesia technology, and surgical instruments, enabling our surgeons to perform procedures with precision and efficiency.

Pet Surgery Services

Spaying and neutering surgical procedures help control pet overpopulation problems and can prevent your pet from developing medical and behavioral problems. Spaying and neutering can allow your pet to lead a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Soft tissue surgery refers to any procedure that isn’t related to bones, joints, muscles, or the neurologic system. This includes a wide range of pet surgery procedures, including removal of masses or tumors, hernia surgery, gastropexy, and more. Our skilled surgical team can perform many soft tissue procedures in-house, but may refer to surgical specialists for procedures that require advanced surgical equipment.

Your pet’s oral health is an important part of their overall wellness plan. Regular dental care can reveal issues such as tooth root abscesses, fractures, or periodontal disease that may not be visible during a visual examination. Our dental services include everything from routine annual cleanings to tooth extractions and jaw fracture correction. Learn more about pet oral surgery and routine pet dental cleanings. 

Our skilled surgical team can provide exceptional care for pets that require complex surgical procedures. We offer a wide range of surgical options to meet your pet’s specific needs. Although we handle the majority of your pet’s surgical needs in-house, we occasionally refer patients to veterinary specialists or specialty clinics when advanced training or equipment will be beneficial.

Our experienced surgical team performs a range of procedures, including soft tissue surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, tumor removals, spaying, and neutering. We prioritize safety and utilize advanced surgical techniques to ensure the best outcomes for your pet.