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When it comes to the well-being of our furry friends, it’s incredibly important to find the right veterinary clinic. But with dozens of animal hospitals in and around Portland, choosing the right care team can be tough. Here are the top three reasons we recommend choosing a local vet clinic!

Local Vet Clinics Have Big Hearts! 

If you’re looking for a clinic where everybody knows your name and your pets, you need a local vet clinic! Smaller practices often have the “small town” hospitality that can get lost in national chains and corporate clinics. That’s because local clinics are deeply involved in the community we serve. Local veterinarians are here to help our neighbors, family, and friends keep their pets happy and healthy. We love seeing our clients in and outside the clinic—at the grocery store, on the hiking trails, and more! Whether you visit us at the local farmer’s market or stop in to say hello at our next open house, Pine Point Animal Hospital is all about getting to know our Damascus community. 

More Personalized Care 

There’s something special about walking through the front door and having everybody know you and your pet. But local vet clinics don’t just go above and beyond in the lobby. We also treat each patient like a VIP in the treatment room! 

Doctors working in privately-owned practices like ours have more freedom to choose the best treatment plan for each patient. That’s because we’re under less pressure than corporate clinics to keep the schedule packed and billed services high. Instead, we can take the time we need to answer your questions and develop a treatment plan that works for you and your pets. 

Location, Location, Location

Locally-owned veterinary clinics often have just one location, often in the heart of the community. Convenient locations mean faster access to care, which can be crucial in urgent care situations. Finally, we can often provide more affordable services because local vet clinics don’t have the overhead costs associated with running a larger practice and multiple locations.

A Local Vet Clinic in the Heart of Damascus, Oregon

Knowing how to find the right veterinary clinic for your pets can be tough. If you’re typing “vet near me” into your search bar, we recommend choosing a local vet clinic. They can provide more personalized care and lower costs and are also deeply invested in the community. As the only local vet clinic in Damascus, Oregon, we’re here to provide the very best care possible! We are always accepting new clients, and thank you for your referrals. 


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